Back River Rods
Whether you fish Offshore, Inshore, or From the Shore we can build the perfect rod for you!
While we specialize in light tackle rods, we have a full line of saltwater products. Offshore, Inshore, or from the Shore we have the rod for you.  As a customer you pick the colors and style you want.  We can even put a picture or your name on the rods if you want.  If you don't see what you need below call and we get what you desire!  Due to the uniqueness and materials used in each rod, upfront pricing is hard to predict.  Call or email for estimates.

Our specialty is speckled trout and puppy drum rods.   These rods are engineered to put the "whoop down" on a speck or pup.  These rods are extremely light and can cast a 1/4 ounce lead head like a rocket.  Like I said, these rods have been engineered for light tackle fishing.  Cast all day without getting fatigued, well except for reeling in all the fish you'll catch with this fine piece of equipment!.  Call for a more details and pricing.
30.5 inch speck was caught on a Back River Rod inshore killer!

If running offshore is your thing, we offer great trolling and jigging rods.  We use heavy duty blanks and then add turbo guides, foam grips, slick butts and metal gimbals in our basic trolling package.  For our jigging rods we start with the blank of your choice followed with split foam grips and a trigger reel seat.  The guides used on jigging rods are heavy duty ALPS guides.  We stress test all our rods to make sure guide placement is pure.                                   
We also can build planer rods and customize a gaff to match your rods!
To pimp your jig rod with add on's, contact us.

A jigging rod in action

Some folks would rather stay in the bay and try to catch the Inshore type species.  Flounder, Spades, Trout, Rock, Cobia,  Drum, Etc.  If this is more your style then we have several options.  We can make a great rod for Red and Black Drum on the shoals or chumming up Cobia.  If drifting for flounder, or dropping for Tog is more your style we have several selections for that as well. Back River Rods is calling these Inshore Whopers  and there are several packages from which to choose.

Inshore Whopers Package 1 - Drum/Cobia

We start with a blank that is perfect for this type of fishing.  The blank has a moderate/fast action with a transition to a stiff butt section.  These blanks are great for bait fishing for drum and cobia, as well as amberjack or any other species.  They have even been used as a deep drop bait rod.  The rod is finished with heavy duty guides, eva foam grips and heavy reel seat to accommodate  bigger reels.  Ask about our Cobia site casting rods as well.  Once you put one in your hands, you'll want one! 

Inshore Whopers Package 2 - Flounder/Tog

We start with a light blank with a fast action.  This blank is designed with a sensitive tip but has enormous back bone for lifting fish off the bottom.  We also offer a more moderate action rod for the flounder drifters.  We finish the blank with eva foam grips, heavy duty guides, and a gimbal.  Once you feel one of our flounder rods you'll wonder why you didn't discover us sooner!

Remember these are standard packages, they can be customized to your specification.  Cork, or different guides can be added at your request.

Surf Fishing
If surf fishing is your thing, then we got rods for that as well.  Surf packages included a cork tape grip, reel seat, Matching Butt Wrap, and Hardiloy style guides.

For materials other than what is listed call for pricing.