Back River Rods

Whether you fish Offshore, Inshore, or From the Shore we can build the perfect rod for you!

Back River Rods specializes in light tackle fishing rods.  Particularly speckled trout and puppy drum rods.  These rods are also great for Bass fishermen.  Although our focus is on light tackle, we do have a vast knowledge of building all types of rods. So if you need a offshore rod, a jigging rod, or a flounder rod we can meet your needs.

Back River Rods uses a variety of suppliers to ensure that quality components are used for each build.  All rod components go through a strenuous quality assurance program before they are allowed to be used by our builders.  We do this to make sure our customers get the best products available.  Plus, it is just easier to build a rod that has good parts!

At Back River Rods, the customer gets to pick the components they would like for their build.  We can do college themes, sports team themes, or what ever color combination you want.  We have made several, Va. Tech and UVA rods as well as Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphin rods.  We have a good stock of Fuji guides and Fuji reel seats as well as Rainshadow and Forecast guides and reel seats, and we can always special order items if needed.  We carry the full line of Batson Products.

Back River Rods has the standard selections of cork and foam available for grips, however,  we recommend looking at our custom made carbon fiber grips before selecting your grip material.   These carbon fiber grips are hand poured and shaped to fit each rod.  They look great, are lighter than cork, and are as durable as foam. These grips are the wave of the future. 

Back River Rods also has caught the "micro" bug and would love to show potential customers the advantages of these "micro" guided rods.  They look different, but are lighter and cast farther than "regular" guided rods.  Be sure to look at our rod pictures page to see just some of the possibilities.