Back River Rods
Let Us Build a CUSTOM ROD Just for YOU !!

At Back River Rods we are dedicated to making "true" custom rods for fishermen.  Each rod we build is made to the exact specification of each customer, this way, the customer is guaranteed to get the rod they desire, for a price that is desirable.                  
Back River Rods specializes in light tackle fishing rods.
From chasing a school of red drum or a speckled trout on a salt flat, to stalking that 10 lb largemouth, Back River Rods has the rod for you!
We also produce great rods for Trolling, Jigging, and Bottom Fishing. Whether you like wreck hopping for Sea Bass and Tog, bouncing bridge pilings for Rockfish and Flounder, or Trolling for Tuna, Back River Rods has the rod for you! .
CONTACT US by email at or by phone at 757-871-9246