Back River Rods
Freshwater rods - Bait Casting  Basic package                                           Spinning Rods Basic package
Includes -                                                                                                         Includes - 
Blank thru reel seat                                                                                         Foam grips
Foam grips                                                                                                      Standard guides
Standard guides                                                                                              Matching Butt wrap
Matching Butt wrap
                                                                                       ADD ONS-
                                                                                 Cork grips add $20
                                                                     Custom Carbon Fiber Grip add $25
                                                                          Holographic effects add $10


Back River Rods also has caught on to the micro guide craze and can make a rod utilizing this new technology.  Micro guided rods allow an angler to cast further, have more control, and are lighter than traditional guided rods.  Of course this depends on applications.  If you cast a lot of crankbaits, jerkbaits, or spinner baits this is an option you may want to explore.


                                                                   TO ORDER A ROD

Call 757-871-9246 and talk directly to a rod maker. We will work with you on add ons and others aspects to offer a truly custom rod for you.  Or you can Paypal an order to


Mr. Freeman,
I would like to write and thank you for the two 6’-6” Med, Extra Fast tip rods that you have built me with the new Micro-Guide technology. These rods are awesome for throwing extremely light baits. I asked you to build me a rod that would cast baits 3/16-1/4 oz. and you have built it perfectly. I have been tossing a ¼ oz Ricco top water bait without worrying about back lash on my reel. I have also been casting the Rick Clunn / Lucky Craft .5 crank bait, which weighs about ¼oz and have also had no problem here either. I use to throw these baits on spinning gear but you have changed that with these new rods. I have both rods rigged with Shimano Chronarch reels 1 with a 100B and 1 with a 50mg series both spooled with 10Lb Fluorocarbon line. The best feeling is the 50mg series and both cast a country mile. So for you guys that are looking for a baitcaster rig that will cast that extremely light crank bait or top water bait this is the real deal. I’m casting ¼ oz baits approximately 70ft.

Thank you once again and I will be purchasing additional rods very soon.
Mike Russ
5 Rivers Bass Master President
Virginia Bass Region 8 Tournament Director